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19.06.2024 at 21:27

GODMU UPDATE: Season19 Part 2-2

We Updated our Server.We are now with the latest version Season 19 Part 2-2.Download New Client Full and Access it.Updates:- DL New Buffs- DL New Shields- DL New Horse/Raven- New Map Twisted Karutan- ...

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16.04.2024 at 22:30

GODMU X5000 | S19 P1-3 | OPEN 19 APRIL

Server Details:Version: Season 19 Part 1-3Experience: x5000Reset Reward: 500 Points + 10 Coins + 500...

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16.04.2024 at 22:29

GODMU | PvP Nivelation

We did a good job during BETA testing the PvPWe have everything nivelated and the potions on game ar...

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16.04.2024 at 22:27

GODMU | Exclusive Guides

We have specif Guides for this versionAccess: will be ready for ...

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